How it Works

Red Duck Refuse & Recycling is a year-round trash hauling contractor serving residences in and around the Killington area.

Annual or seasonal contracts are available so you can count on scheduled weekly pick-ups all year, as well as special pick-ups any time.

We pride ourselves on being the most eco-friendly and economically-friendly trash service in Killington. We are certified with the State of Vermont for all environmental recycling & refuse handling requirements.

Billing & Payments

If you are an existing customer, please note, our billing/invoicing processes have been modified.

We will now be sending invoices via email every month. This helps keep our costs and our rates down versus mailing hard copies. If you wish to have a paper copy mailed to you, please call our office, or fill out the contact form here on the website and we will be happy to accommodate this request.

The first invoice you receive will include the fees for 6 or 12 months of service charge (depending on service level selected) and the first month of bag fees (trash and recycling) that was picked up at your location. Subsequent invoices will only have your monthly bag (trash and recycling) fees amount. Invoices are due within 30 days. If your account goes past 60 days, your service will be suspended until the account is brought back to a current status.

Seasonal Trash Pick-Up Schedule

Winter 2022-2023 Trash Pick-up Days: Mondays, Tuesdays & Wednesdays

Need a Special Pickup? 

If you need a special pickup outside of these days, please let us know and we can make arrangements to do so.

Trash Pick-Up Service Options

Full Year Contract (52 weeks)

  • $360 Service Fee
  • +Trash Bag Fee: $4.00 Each
  • +Recycle Bag Fee $4.00 Each (Recycling must be in clear plastic bag.)

Full Year Large House Contract (52 weeks with 4+ bags per week)

  • $400 Service Fee
  • +Trash Bag Fee: $4.00 Each
  • +Recycle Bag Fee $4.00 Each (Recycling must be in clear plastic bag.)

Seasonal Contract (26 weeks: Nov. 1 – Apr 30)

  • $190 Service Fee
  • +Trash Bag Fee: $4.00 Each
  • +Recycle Bag Fee $4.00 Each (Recycling must be in clear plastic bag.)

Seasonal Large House Contract (26 weeks with 4+ bags per week)

  • $210 Service Fee
  • +Trash Bag Fee: $4.00 Each
  • +Recycle Bag Fee $4.00 Each (Recycling must be in clear plastic bag.)

Special Bulk Pick-Up

  • $135 – $170 Service Charge (Includes 1 hour of labor.)
  • +$35 – $70 per Additional Hour
  • +Dumping Fee (Based on transfer station actual weight fee.)

On-Call Option

  • $15-$25 Pick-Up Charge
  • +Trash Bag Fee: $4.00 Each
  • +Recycle Bag Fee $4.00 Each (Recycling must be in clear plastic bag.)

Rates shown are for Killington residential addresses.   Service outside of this area may be higher, please call the office for a quote.

Killington residents enjoy the convenience of Zero-Sort Recycling.

At Red Duck, we encourage recycling as much as possible to keep as many reusable resources out of our landfills as possible, while converting trash into new uses in new forms.

In Killington we enjoy the huge convenience  of zero-sort recycling. All your recyclable can go into one clear plastic bag without the need to separate glass from paper, plastic, cardboard, etc… This can only happen by following these guidelines. Please familiarize yourself and others in your household familiar with these recycling rules.

Recycling Guide

Corrugated Cardboard: (Boxes with a wavy center layer:)

  • Empty. Staples. tape, and labels are OK.
  • No oil, paint, or chemical stained, wet, unclean or wax-coated cardboard. No strapping or string. No plastic, filmy or foam packing materials.


  • Cereal, shoe, and dry­ food boxes, soda carries, paper egg cartons, tissue boxes, paper towel and toilet paper cores. Empty. Remove plastic liners.
  • No Styrofoam cups. No stuck-on food or grease.

Envelopes & Mail:

  • White, colored. Gummed and window envelopes. Remove non-paper enclosures. (e.g., CDs, plastic cards, etc.) and strings. Labels are OK.
  • No Tyvek or plastic envelopes. No bubble wrap padded mailers.

Shredded Paper:

  • Confidential Documents – Place in clear plastic bags and tie bag shut.
  • No shredded plastic (cards, etc.)

Magazines & Soft-Cover Books:

  • Glue or staple-bound publications, paperback books, phone books, catalogs, etc. Must be clean and dry.
  • No plastic wrapping or CDs.


  • All sections and inserts. Must be clean and dry. Remove from plastic bags.
  • Do not tie with string. None that are contaminated with food, paint. oil, pet waste. etc. No plastic bags.

White & Colored Paper:

  • Copier paper, glossy flyers & brochures, file folders, craft paper, manila folders, index cards, construction paper, non-metallic wrapping paper, tissue paper & cards. Must be clean and dry. No need to remove plastic tabs, paper clips & metal hanging-file strips. Staples are also OK.
  • No pressure-sensitive duplication forms. No foil paper. No paper towels

Plastics 1-7 & Rigid Plastics:

  • Containers, bottles & jugs for foods, beverages, beauty, and cleaning products, detergents, dairy tubs (yogurt, sour cream, etc.) 5 gallon pails, laundry baskets. sleds, take-out containers, flower pots and trays, and frozen-food trays. Minimum size: 2″ on any 2 sides. Rinse clean.
  • No filmy or pliable plastic (grocery bags, bubble wrap, etc.). No foam polystyrene (Styrofoam) products such as cups, take-out containers, packaging blocks and peanuts, etc. No housewares, office products, etc. No motor oil containers or electronics housing. No biodegradable plastics (PLA).

Glass Bottles & Jars:

  • Rinse clean. Food and beverage containers only.
  • No light bulbs, Pyrex, drinking glasses, window panes or ceramics.

Aluminum Cans, foil, and plates:

  • Rinse clean.
  • No stuck-on food or grease.

Metal Cans:

  • Rinse clean. Food and beverage cans only Labels are OK Can lids are OK placed inside the cans.
  • No oil filters or scrap metal.

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